Q&A #3

What do you look out for? Personality or looks?

I have met people who are so pleasing to look at. However, when I start to get comfortable and try to know them, I realise they do not really have much substance on the inside. Then again, I have met people whom I am not really attracted to. However, I cannot help but listen to everything they have to say, including the little nothings. Somehow, they become so beautiful to me. What I am saying is, do not miss out on someone just because you are not entirely attracted to them or because they are not your type whatsoever. I am not trying to say that looks do not matter, they do. But looks fade over time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me, beauty on the inside is able to shine through on the outside if you give it time. A solid set of abs will not last long but a heart full of love might.

– her

Talk to me, love

Talk to me.

Talk to me about everything that keeps you up all night,

especially the fragments of your heart that struggle to beat.

Talk to me about the kind of love you want to give and receive,

especially how love has turned you into the woman you are today.

Talk to me, love. Because silence alone is not always the best.

– her

Chance Encounter

We love what we need,

we love what makes us feel good,

we love what is convenient to us.


How is it fair to say that we love one person

when there are a couple thousand out there

who we would love more if we met them?


Isn’t love is a form of prejudice?

Based on circumstance and compatibility

and a result of a chance encounter?


– her

Mouthful of Forevers

I like it best when my mind is

in a bloodshed battle with my heart.

I like it best when I’m a little broken,

with bruised knuckles and happy pills.

After all, I like poetry more than therapy.

Poems never seem to judge my “wrong” ways.

– her

The Truth Hurts

The truth is, despite being my dream girl, I rather you be happy with someone else than to be unhappy with me.

I hope someday you will lie awake at night and realise that once upon a time in your life, someone did love you with all her heart.

But for now, I will try to move on by finding you in other people.

I mean, that’s my last resort right?

– her


Maybe we were too young

or maybe we were the plot an author couldn’t finish.

Maybe we were the beat an artist couldn’t get right

or maybe we were the painting an artist ended up restarting again.

Maybe we were just the poem that a poet couldn’t find the right words to end

and it’s up to us to create our ending.

– her